Internet of Things - Embedded Systems Design Conference
The Internet of Things consists of smart, sensor-enabled physical objects, and the networks, servers and services that interact with them. The Internet of Things is chance and challenge. It might be one of the biggest changes ever, as more and more standalone embedded systems evolve into massive and powerful networks of devices. The future will see an Internet of Things where billions of devices are connected to each other, all sharing data via the Internet.

Our 1-day conference about IoT will provide system designers, hardware engineers and software developers with first-hand information about visions, trends, technologies and implementations in application areas like Smart Factory, Smart Home & Building, Smart Energy, Smart City, Smart Medical, ...

electronica Embedded Forum 2014
With a tradition of more than 10 years, ICC Media is jointly organizing the Embedded Forum at electronica 2014 with the show organizer Messe München.

  • The Embedded Forum is a theater-style presentation area for 80-100 attendees with free access for all electronica visitors.
  • The Embedded Forum is located in Hall A6, the dedicated“ Embedded Hall”.
  • ICC Media is staging a 4-day forum programme consisting of 30-minutes papers offering to you (and your partners/3rd parties) the opportunity to present technical and market trends, products, strategies, applications, ... All presentations will be recorded and converted into webinars.

ARM vs x86 - Embedded Systems Design Conference
ARM is challenging x86 and x86 is fighting back. In the embedded computing market, the decision whether to go with x86 or with ARM has become more complex and difficult than ever: price, performance, power consumption, MIPS per Watt, hardware and software support and may more factors have to be taken into consideration. Our 1-day conference will provide system designers, hardware/software engineers with first-hand information about the latest processor and SoC generations, technologies, products and implementations to support them in finding the most appropriate technology for their specific application needs.

ARM-based Embedded System Design Conference 2013
The embedded industry follows the generel trends for smaller, less power-hungry, smarter and connected devices and systems. This is one of the major reasons why ARM-based processors and microcontrollers - supported by an extensive ecosystem - are rapidly gaining popularity throughout the embedded market. Our 1-day conference will provide hardware designers and software developers with first-hand information about new technologies, product and implementations in the area of ARM-based Embedded Systems Design. Parallel to the conference there will be a table-top exhibition which provides a communication platform where conference delegates and the exhibiton visitors can talk to leading members of the ARM ecosystem.  The conference will take place June 25, 2013 Sindelfingen (near Stuttgart)/Germany.