, This is our Online Meeting Place for Motor Control – focused, but comprehensive! It covers Electronics (Microcontrollers, Power, Analog…) and Tools & Software for Motor Control and provides technical information about Products, Technologies, Basic Principles, Applications, Solutions, Implementations, etc., this portal targets Engineers and technical Managers involved in IoT relevant projects or considering IoT technologies for future projects. The Focus of is on Technologies, Applications, Hardware & Software and Services for the design of Internet of Things solutions.



The Embedded News & know-how E-Mail Newsletter targets Design Engineers and Technical Managers. It highlights every week the most important embedded product news in the areas of Chips & Components, Boards & Modules and  Tools & Software.  Moreover you will find there links to technical articles, white papers, webinars and videos. The newsletter is free and has more than 32,000 subscribers.

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     -   Lead Generation Tool
     -   Format: Live Broadcast + 6 months on demand
     -   Leads exclusively for your webinar, expect in the range of 70 – 200 leads

Our webinars have two elements – a live version, which takes place on an agreed day and has been heavily promoted in advance to a specific technical audience. Plus an archived version, which is available on demand for at least six months after the live event.